Ivor Richard is a secondary main character and antagonist.

Personality Edit

Ivor is described to be very hot-headed most of the time. After Liam Challer unknowingly claims Ivor's camp in Forest Survivors, Ivor retaliates by stealing Liam's pistol and engaging in a hand-to-gun fight. The only time he does keep his cool when meeting someone new is when he meets Kate Jones.

On the other hand, however hot-headed Ivor can be, he can usually make up for it. Moments after the hand-to-gun fight in the first movie, when Liam points out that the two of them should work together, Ivor agrees and the two then become great pals.


Ivor taking a nap in "Forest Survivors."

Ivor is also very resourceful, ditching some of his garments to wriggle out from under


Liam and Ivor share a high-five after being reunited in the first movie.

a fallen tree and using a hiking stick to fend off a bear.

Trivia Edit

  • "Ivor" is close to "Ivan," the name of who portrays the character in the movies.
  • In the first movie, Ivor fractures his leg in a fight with a bear. However, when he becomes a zombie in the second movie, his leg appears to be fully healed.
  • Ivor wears a hat with a creeper from the game Minecraft on it.